Pull data from Shopify, Amazon, and Facebook.

Tired of making excel reports? Get up-to-date reports automatically in Excel or PowerBI. We pull the latest data like orders, returns, and ad spend - so you can get fast reporting on business performance. Better e-commerce reports, less work

Fresh reports across platforms for sales and ad spend.

Want fresh excel reports without downloading and pivoting data? View all your business data at once, and get fast insights to make important decisions.

  • Google Ads, Facebook, Shopify, Amazon, Bigcommerce and more.
  • Always Up-to-date
  • Automated data collection.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Historical Performance.

Connect your accounts, and we'll do the rest.

Instead of downloading and pivoting new reports everyday, we'll connect and combine all your data to give you fresh and up-to-date reports automatically.

  • Combine data like Shopify sales, Amazon sales, and Facebook Ad spend.
  • View your dashboard anywhere
  • View realtime performance business performance.
Aditi Mahabal

"All data scientists recognize the importance of having an organized, cleaned, and ready to analyze dataset"

Alan Marazzi

"Visualization is an important goal, and I can never stress enough how important it is to present data in a good way."

Nick Brown

"More often than not, the question of 'where should I start?' comes in response to a fantastic interactive visualization presented on the web. I’m a huge fan of all the recent innovation in this area."

Features designed for you

Created by data analysts and developers, our goal is to put powerful cloud analytics at your fingertips.

Fresh Data

Automated pipelines makes sure your data is always current.

Better Performance

Save time while making informed descions with accurate data.

In-depth Metrics

Get performance reports on search-queries, keywords, headlines, and ad creatives.

Smart Targets

Reach your goals consistently and effectively with detailed reporting.

100% Your Data

You own your data. We just provide the pipeline and tools to visualize it.

View Anywhere

View, share, and analyze your data anywhere and on any device.

Better E-commerce Reports, Less Work

Spend less hours compiling reports, and get the data you need to boost sales and reduce ad spend.